steno brings encryption to a next level: on a piece of paper. It uses the Puzzle algorithm to generate a secure relation between two sets of words based on a password. The words in the message are then replaced by their corresponding ones in the other set (a dictionary). By having a ciphertext composed of words, is able to hide the message in the massive amount of information that is internet. But its best advantage is when wrote down on a paper, it can evade any electronic surveillance.

The application is made entirely in JavaScript. There is no cookie, no server, no tracking, no information sent/received or saved. Everything happens in your browser. You can download the page and use it offline. Once you're done just send your encrypted message via your habitual channel of communication. You can even write it down on a postal card, it is a lot harder to track than emails.

Open source application creates more secure and better software, giving back the control of the information to the user. This is why is under the BSD license.